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16 Week Program to Optimize Your Energy Levels

Discover the root cause of your fatigue!

Are you getting frustrated with feeling tired all the time and being heavily reliant on outside sources of energy? What if I told you there was a way to improve your own body's natural energy production? It's more than just taking a few supplements and making some dietary changes.  I, myself, was eating all the superfoods I could get my hands on and doing traditional things to improve energy levels, but it didn't make a huge impact. It wasn't until I took a deep dive into my body's inner workings that I saw a substantial jump in my energy production. 

My program takes a microscopic look on how the body breaks down food, absorbs it, and detoxes the byproducts. It also looks at multiple other aspects of our internal and external environments that can be blocking energy production or simply stealing it away. 

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Dr. Haley Peterson, DPT, FMP is committed to providing creative and personal solutions for every customer. Haley knows that each individual is different, which is why all of her services are tailored to individual needs. Aside from a monthly video check in, weekly shared educational content, and unlimited email access to your provider, here are other components of Haley's 12 week program:

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Weekly Group Q&A's

Keeping yourself accountable

Weekly check ins with your provider and other members undergoing the program. This allows time to ask little questions that pop up in between monthly individual check ins and gives the opportunity to connect with other individuals that are undergoing a similar journey!

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Comprehensive Testing

See what is happening on the inside. These are common tests that I will do with my clients. However, there are several other options depending on the goals and the needs of each individual. Other examples of regularly used tests are hormone, heavy metals, and genetic testing.

Comprehensive Stool Analysis and Parasitology (CSAP)

Undercover what your gut microbiome looks like! Did you know, you can have bad bacteria, yeast overgrowth, or even parasites in your gut? This can be dramatically impacting day to day energy levels and can cause many other symptoms.

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