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About Your Provider

How I Got Started


I, myself, struggled with having energy and feeling unwell starting around age 26. I was tired all the time, often felt bloated and nauseous after eating, had a hard time falling and staying asleep, and had anxiety that was randomly amplified. I did everything I knew health-wise to do to work on improving this, but it wasn’t until I started getting treated by a functional medicine provider that my symptoms made sense and started to improve.  Come to find out my gut microbiome wasn’t working properly, therefore, wasn’t absorbing nutrients adequately. After restoring this, my energy levels, sleep, and anxiety all improved! Yes, even anxiety can come from poor gut health. After working on this, I couldn’t wait to keep going. I found out I had certain food sensitivities and hormonal imbalances that were heavily impacting my mood, ability to sleep well, and overall sense of well being. ​I have made such huge leaps and bounds with these changes that it developed into a passion to become a Functional Medicine Practitioner to supplement my first career of being a Physical Therapist.

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