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Haley Peterson Health and Wellness

Dr. Haley Peterson, DPT, Functional Medicine Practitioner

In 2021, I started offering functional medicine services as a means to get to the root cause of systemic disease and maximize energy levels. ​As a doctor of physical therapy, I treat patients for musculoskeletal and neurological conditions. Over the years, I have noticed certain patients excel easily and others struggle, regardless of being of similar age range and general health status.  Looking into other lifestyle factors, such as diet, sleep, gut health, stressful life events, hormones, and environmental factors, I started realizing how these factors can greatly impact health and wellness.  With this, I searched for an effective way to solve complex issues in a more simplified manner. That is when I found functional medicine.  It is a highly impactful approach at improving health on a much deeper level.  ​

- Dr. Haley

Services by Dr. Haley Peterson, DPT, FMP

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